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Ukraine loves rolls!

Rolls are the most common Japanese cuisine after sushi. Although rolls are a kind of land, there are some differences between them. Rolls are a cylindrical roll form which, after cooking, is cut into six or eight pieces. Their composition necessarily nori algae and rice soaked in vinegar. Fresh or smoked salmon, eel, crab, tuna, shrimp or other seafood can be used as toppings.

For a variety of flavors, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, masago caviar and many other ingredients are added to the rolls. The process of preparing rolls today is quite simplified. Originally Japanese traditions of cooking this delicious meal are observed only in some restaurants, most often located in Japan and the Far Eastern countries. We make delicious, beloved rolls in Ukraine - both strict classics and European fusion with the addition of Philadelphia, at least.
Kiev loves rolls! You can order rolls for the house of fresh products from us. There are many salmon in our dishes. We work without days off and we have great reviews.
Delivery of rolls in Kiev
Today it is not difficult to order rolls in Kiev - a huge number of establishments and restaurants of Japanese cuisine at your service. There are also special roll delivery services that you can use if you want to go home. It's also a great option for a delicious lunch in the office. If you are tired of the usual lunches in a cafe or office dining room - order rolls with delivery to the office.

One of the best sushi and roll delivery services in Kiev is Sushi 33. Here you can order a wide variety of rolls at the most affordable price. Also for our clients we provide free delivery to any corner of Kiev. Custom-made rolls are very convenient! Order rolls in the office or order rolls at home - fast, tasty and comfortable! Orders can be left on our site, and our couriers will promptly deliver you the most delicious rolls.

Wide range and affordable prices are Sushi 33 "Sushi 33" is an opportunity to order rolls inexpensively, to buy rolls with delivery to the house! We have a wide range of sushi and rolls. It is worth ordering rolls with home delivery! In our menu are the most popular varieties, as well as original and unusual combinations of flavors. Order sushi rolls - a great option for dinner or lunch - hearty and light at the same time.

Ukraine and Ukrainians love rolls, and we can cook them! In "Sushi 33" you can order rolls with delivery to the house, choose from what: • classic traditional rolls - poppy rolls that are cooked in the best traditions of Japanese cuisine • Baked rolls • lessons - rolls of rice outside • California and Philadelphia branded rolls, as well as their variations with different fillings • vegetarian rolls and more.

The particular difference of Sushi 33 is the care and attention to each customer and his needs. That is why you can find vegetarian rolls in our menu. Delivery of rolls to the house - quickly and conveniently, especially if it is possible to order with free delivery! Thanks to Sushi 33, everyone can indulge in fresh rolls. The vegetarian version of this dish does not contain meat or fish, they use avocado, cucumber, mushrooms or eggplant as a filling.

If you plan to have fun with your friends, meet with a business partner or spend the evening with your loved one, use Sushi 33 delivery service and decorate your event with delicious Japanese cuisine! We do not have stock for rolls - we offer adequate prices for delicious, quality rolls from under the knife, with a level of quality that can be envied by more than one restaurant. We are talking about our quality and it is not a cheap PR, we put our soul into our business, we have fresh products, we do not make blanks and we value our reputation!

Our rolls are always nearby - we work in Kiev and the region. Our delivery range includes Kiev, Irpin, Bucha, Vorzel, Gostomel, Vyshneve, Chayky, Vyshgorod and others. The site is ready to accept orders from 9:30 to 21:00.